SYNER-J YOGA / PILATES: is a blend of ashtanga, iyengar, hatha yoga and pilates. Yoga / Pilates is utilized to improve concentration, breathing, balance, flexibitity and coordination.

SYNER-J BOXING / KICKBOXING: Learn all basic punching and kicking techniques. How to position yourself, move and combine techniques to engage your adversary. You will also learn different techniques of jump rope and shadow boxing.

SYNER-J BODYBUILDING: Used either for gaining muscle mass or for toning, bodybuilding is a crucial element for any training or sport preparation. You will learn and execute properly a multitude of movements with different types of resistance.

SYNER-J VIBRATION: utilizises a vibration plate to stimulate muscles through acceleration. Vibration will   augmente muscle circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Vibration training is used for muscle reactivation, reducing cellulite and promoting bone density.

SYNER-J CIRCUIT: This type of training combines muscular and cardiovascular training in a bootcamp or crossfit style using body weight exercices, weights, elastics, jumping, running, jump rope, boxing, kickboxing, fonctionnal movements etc... We are only limited by our imagination.

SYNER-J FUNCTIONAL: Functional training focuses on training muscles groups to improve the physical capabilities of the individual in order the execute usefull movements in day to day life like : pushing, pulling, lifting, pivoting, bending and jumping.

SYNER-J MOVE: Training based on the natural method of movement and the art of movement (Parkour) including : running, jumping, climbing, lifting, crawling, throwing, catching, defending and balancing. Ideal for mud races : Spartan race, Mud Hero and Tough Mudder.

SYNER-J POSTURE: uses different exercices to train weak elongated muscles and stretch shortened tense muscles in order to acheive a balanced body and permit a proper posture for optimal health.