This method is combined with advice and instructions on naturotherapy and nutrition in order to maximize the benefits of your efforts.

The training sessions are prepared and supervised by a Kinesiologist / Naturotherapist / Massage therapist, in order to insure optimal results.

Sessions are offered indoors or outdoors (Père-Marquette Park). Its your choice.

There is no time to waste, if you want to reach your goals this year!   

SYNER-J offers customized personal training, semi private personal training, postural training, physical therapy, naturotherapy and massage therapy to people that desire personalized coaching to acheive their goals fast.

Its a unique one on one personal training experience in an environment without distractions, permitting you to live the moment in movement.

A global approach towards health is utilized incorporating different disciplines: multidisciplinary training, bootcamp, crossfit, boxing / kickboxing, yoga / pilates, parkour, the natural training method of movement, vibration training and functional training.