Kinesiologist / Naturotherapist / Massage Therapist,

Specialist in Cross, Functional and Postural Training.

My goal is that you reach your goals.

Diversity in utilizing different training techniques is the key. Variety brings new challenges and maximizes efficiency and fun while training.

The training sessions are composed of movements that incorporate a tremendous amount of muscular synergy. This permits the possibility of working many muscles groups at once, maximizing the health benefits of training, in a minimum amount of time.

I have the necessary skills and knowledge to improve your physical health. May it be for your overall heath, reactivating muscles after injury, aligning your posture or to achieve better performances in sport.


I’ve lived in movement all my life. Having fun and being happy is a goal in itself and movement is a great way to acheive that. I’ve trained and treated all sorts of people from different backrounds for different events and different injuries. I’ve trained people to get back in shape, people that want to gain muscle mass, people that want to lose weight, circus artists, police officers, singers, actors, dancers and runners.

I’ve helped prepare people for races like the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Montreal Marathon and for the police physical exam (PAT and PARE Test).

I spend my time sharing my passion for movement. It’s the basis of all life and it’s also what permits the discovery of the most beautifull things that inhabit us and the earth itself.